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A charge for DUI, or driving under the influence, is serious. DUI charges often result in steep fines or even jail time. Finding a lawyer for your DUI defense in Daytona Beach will help you fight your charges and get you the fair outcome you deserve.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical for many reasons, including the following:

An Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Knowledgeable

Many states around the country have legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. Florida has not been as welcoming to marijuana use and has only legalized it for medicinal purposes by certain qualified individuals.

DUI attorneys in Daytona Beach know that people caught using marijuana can face severe consequences.

Driving under the influence is a term used for someone in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Under this definition, driving after marijuana use — while still under the effects of THC — will result in a DUI arrest in Florida.

One of the most common crimes in the United States is driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI). When motorists choose to drive while intoxicated, they risk a DUI charge and criminal conviction.

If you are pulled over under suspicion of a DUI, the officer will likely test you. But in some instances, a blood test might be used to determine whether you are intoxicated.

In these cases, motorists should contact Daytona Beach criminal lawyers immediately. A knowledgeable criminal attorney will ensure that your rights are respected and give you the best legal protection possible.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious charge that can bring severe consequences to your life. If it’s your first time facing such a charge, you are likely anxious or scared. Although it’s impossible to escape all of the implications of a DUI charge, it is possible to lessen the damage to your life significantly with the help of a DUI lawyer.

Basics of a DUI Charge

In Florida, DUI occurs when a motorist drives with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher. If your BAC tests at 0.15% or higher, you’re looking at enhanced penalties.

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you’re facing a second DUI offense in Florida, you need strong Daytona Beach criminal lawyers to help protect your rights.

Penalties for a Second DUI Offense in Florida

Florida laws can be quite harsh if you’ve been arrested for DUI a second time. If the arrest occurred within five years of your first conviction, you might face mandatory jail time and probation. In addition to larger fines, increased license suspension time, and car impoundment, second-offense DUI penalties in Florida include a possible jail sentence of:

If you’ve been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving in Florida, you’ll probably be asked to take a field sobriety test, a breath test for alcohol, or both. Some people may think that if they refuse to take the breathalyzer test, they can’t be convicted of DUI because there’s no proof.

However, this misinformation could get you into more trouble than taking the test.

Trusted DUI Defense in Daytona Beach

If you’ve been recently arrested on a DUI charge in Florida, you probably aren’t thinking about hiring a criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach right away. You’re probably upset, worried about whether you’ll lose your license, and concerned that you’ll have to pay a hefty fine or spend time in jail.

However, the best time to hire Daytona Beach criminal lawyers for your DUI charge is as soon as possible. You may be faced with a night or even a weekend in jail before being released, but a lawyer may be able to get you out faster. There are other reasons to hire an attorney right away, too.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Daytona Beach Help My DUI?

Being charged with a DUI can impact many areas of your life. When a DUI is on your record, it can add challenges to getting hired or keeping a job. This is even more of a consideration for a career in the military.

The military does not tolerate DUIs. Because the military holds service members to a higher standard than civilians, being convicted of a DUI could severely impact your military career.

Getting a DUI as a Service Member

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