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4 Steps to Take After a Drunk Driving Arrest

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After getting pulled over and arrested by law enforcement for driving under the influence, you may find yourself asking what comes next. The terrifying truth is that being convicted of driving under the influence can have consequences on your record and ability to drive. It’s easy to get lost in a haze of questions, but experienced defense attorneys are available to help clear the air. Help yourself and your Daytona DUI defense by taking these 4 steps if you are ever arrested for driving under the influence.

Your Driving Privileges Have a Time Limit

After a DUI arrest, your Florida driver’s license will likely be seized by law enforcement. However, the citation issued to you for your offense acts as a temporary driving permit for 10 days. When those 10 days conclude, so too will your ability to drive legally in Florida. It is possible within that window of time to preserve your driving privileges by applying for a hardship license. Taking on this process alone can add more stress to a difficult situation, but defense attorneys in Daytona Beach are able to help.

Put Your Trust in Daytona Beach DUI Lawyers

A criminal offense like driving under the influence deserves the serious attention of top DUI defense. The most important decision you’ll make for your case is choosing which lawyer to advocate for you in court. There may be a plethora of constitutional defenses available to your case that only licensed attorneys can bring to light. Bear in mind that your defense attorney of choice will be your partner throughout the entire process, and choosing DUI defense with experience in this field will yield the most favorable outcome for your case.

Start a Case Folder

The more documentation you have, the better chance you’ll have for success in court. Keep all your citations and court notices handy – Daytona Beach criminal attorneys may request them to start building your DUI case folder. Additionally, gather any evidence you have from the day of your arrest – receipts, photos, text conversations, and the like – so that your lawyer can determine if any of it is useful for your defense. Do not dispose of anything, and leave it to your defense attorney’s discretion as you determine what will or won’t help.

Minimize Social Media Presence

The information that is readily accessible on social media platforms can be leveraged against you in court. After your DUI arrest, be sure to set all your accounts to private. Then, refrain from posting anything pertaining to partying, drinking, or anything that could be potentially used against you. The state attorney will scour your online presence for anything that may incriminate you in a court of law.

Above all else, it is important to remain calm. Being arrested for driving under the influence can turn your world upside down. Every choice that you make after your arrest can go a long way towards proving your innocence in court, and it all starts with hiring a trustworthy Daytona Beach DUI attorney to represent you. If you have recently been arrested for driving under the influence, then time is of the essence. Each DUI case is unique and the circumstances surrounding your case are best defended by a lawyer with experience in DUI defense.

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There is so much I can say about Genine Mejia first she is a fantastic lawyer and a great person. I had a difficult case and she handled it with ease. She constantly kept me up to date and went to the limits to get a great outcome. If anyone out there is looking for a top notch attorney Genine...

Arlene M.

Genine was recommended and available from the first contact. She was professional and reassuring through the entire experience. The fees charged were entirely reasonable. I would retain her services again in a minute! Thanks Genine!

Sue A.

Genine handled a dui case for us. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and always treated us with respect. She is quick to address any concerns that you have and literally with you every step of the way. Love this lady!

Lori S.

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