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In Florida, there are many ways a criminal defense attorney can fight DUI charges.

Every DUI arrest presents unique circumstances, and no two cases are ever the same. Fortunately, the law allows for several different strategies that can be used to minimize your charges, dismiss your case, or win at trial.

DUIs are serious charges that can never be erased from your criminal record in Florida.

Florida features some of the strictest DUI penalties in the country.

The consequences of a first-time DUI offense can range from hefty fees to jail time and revocation of your license. Second- and third-time offenses only get worse.

If you’re pulled over for a DUI, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach will ensure you have a chance to fight and reduce your charges in court.

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense. No matter where you go in the United States, if you’re caught drunk driving, you face serious criminal and financial penalties.

Although there are plenty of similarities regarding how each state handles, charges, and deals with DUI offenses, there are still some state-by-state differences.

In the case of Florida, there are a few unique rules and laws that apply to how DUIs are handled.

DUI convictions in the state of Florida carry serious legal and financial penalties. It’s no secret that if you’re caught driving under the influence, the consequences can be significant. Even if it’s your first DUI with no prior criminal record, driving while under the influence is a serious legal matter that puts others’ lives at risk.

If you’re a first-time DUI offender in Florida, you can expect the following base penalties:

  • Court fines of up to $1,000

DUI laws vary from state to state and every jurisdiction has its own rules and regulations. In Florida, DUI charges are generally brought against motorists in cars, motorcycles, and boats.

What many Florida residents might not know is that DUI laws also apply to certain non-motorized vehicles, including bicycles.

If you’re a cyclist in the Sunshine State, stay safe and avoid criminal penalties by not biking while under the influence, or you could face serious consequences.

You might ask yourself if a DUI conviction in Florida can be expunged. Unfortunately, under Florida state law, a DUI conviction cannot be expunged. In fact, most criminal convictions remain on your record for 75 years. But there are relief options similar to expungement, should you meet the requirements.

Every state has different laws that pertain to DUI offenses. In Florida, you may be able to “seal” a DUI arrest if your case was dismissed or reduced to a lesser charge or if you were acquitted by a jury.

An attorney skilled in DUI defense in Daytona Beach can review your unique situation to determine whether you are eligible for sealing your arrest.

A charge for DUI, or driving under the influence, is serious. DUI charges often result in steep fines or even jail time. Finding a lawyer for your DUI defense in Daytona Beach will help you fight your charges and get you the fair outcome you deserve.

Hiring an experienced lawyer is critical for many reasons, including the following:

An Experienced DUI Lawyer Is Knowledgeable

Many states around the country have legalized marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use. Florida has not been as welcoming to marijuana use and has only legalized it for medicinal purposes by certain qualified individuals.

DUI attorneys in Daytona Beach know that people caught using marijuana can face severe consequences.

Driving under the influence is a term used for someone in control of a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Under this definition, driving after marijuana use — while still under the effects of THC — will result in a DUI arrest in Florida.

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