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Being charged with a DUI can impact many areas of your life. When a DUI is on your record, it can add challenges to getting hired or keeping a job. This is even more of a consideration for a career in the military.

The military does not tolerate DUIs. Because the military holds service members to a higher standard than civilians, being convicted of a DUI could severely impact your military career.

Getting a DUI as a Service Member

The average person isn’t very familiar with criminal law or the legal profession. Unless you find yourself facing an arrest or criminal charge, there is very little reason to be. But if you do find yourself in that situation, asking the right questions of your lawyer could be crucial to your case.

Top Questions to Ask Palm Coast, Florida, Criminal Defense Lawyers

You don’t need to ask all these questions right away, but you will want to ask them before making any serious decisions about the law firm handling your case.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) and are going to trial, you’re likely nervous and worried. Criminal lawyers in Daytona Beach are your advocates in the courtroom and are there to protect your interests. Knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves and help you best advocate for yourself.

Florida DUI Cases

Florida DUI cases are handled in two different districts. The criminal case will be heard in a courtroom before a judge and jury.

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you probably had some form of test to determine your blood alcohol content (BAC) and whether you were intoxicated while driving.

Police have the right to administer these tests under Florida’s Implied Consent Law. If you believe your rights have been violated or this law was misused, then a Daytona Beach DUI attorney can help.

What Is Florida’s Implied Consent Law?

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI), you probably have a lot of questions for your Palm Coast, Florida criminal defense lawyers about the laws regarding DUI.

Knowing your rights can help you mitigate the life-changing consequences of a DUI or DWI conviction. Your lawyer can help.

DUI for Being Under the Influence of Drugs

DUI checkpoints aren’t legal in every state, but they are in Florida. Residents and visitors alike should be aware of their rights when encountering a DUI checkpoint.

Knowing how you’re obligated to comply and what rights you have or to refuse can help you minimize the legal consequences that can come out of a DUI checkpoint.

What Happens at a DUI Checkpoint?

It is extremely unsafe to drive when under the influence of alcohol. You might be fined, have your license revoked, or even go to jail if you’re detected driving over the legal limit. Of course, none of these repercussions compare to the shame and regret you’ll feel if you cause someone harm or death as a result of driving drunk.

DUI defense in Daytona Beach isn’t just about the level of alcohol in your blood. Even if you’re under the legal limit, you may be convicted of a DUI in Florida if it can be proven that your faculties are impaired. That’s why it’s best to avoid alcohol altogether when you plan to drive.

Planning on going out for the evening? Here are some tips to keep yourself and others around you safe.

When you’re facing criminal charges in Daytona Beach, you have an important choice to make – selecting a criminal defense attorney. How do you pick the right attorney when there are so many Daytona Beach criminal lawyers to choose from?

The right attorney can make or break your outcome. Not only that, but charges, fines, and incarceration hang in the balance.

Picking the right attorney is easier when you know what to look for. Here are five questions you should be asking a criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach before you choose them to represent you in court.

Driving with a suspended license in Florida is a criminal offense, and many individuals do not realize the seriousness of the consequences that these charges can include. Too often, individuals without the representation of Daytona Beach criminal lawyers plead guilty to these charges without being aware of the ramifications inflicted upon their driving privileges. Whether your license is currently suspended, or you’d like to know more about what happens to drivers that are charged with driving with a suspended license, we answer the question of whether or not you can drive with a suspended license in Florida.

Penalties for Driving with a Suspended License in Florida

Under Florida Statute 322.34, there are penalties for driving with a suspended license that increase in severity with each additional offense.

Criminal charges often put individuals in uncomfortable situations. They can be confusing, scary, and frustrating to take on alone. This is partly why it is so important to reach out to criminal lawyers in Daytona Beach, FL as soon as you are charged. Having the legal support of an experienced attorney can make all the difference in the process and outcome of your case. In order to achieve the best possible outcome in court, consider asking these 4 questions before hiring a criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach.

Do You Offer a Free Initial Consultation?

The best way to help a lawyer understand the facts of your case is to arrange a proper face-to-face meeting. It is difficult to find adequate legal counsel or an accurate quote in a short phone conversation. Plus, the initial consultation is the best way to get a feel for the lawyer and understand how they will be working with you over the course of your case. We recommend finding a Volusia County criminal defense attorney who offers this service for free, such as Genine Mejia.

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