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What to Expect with a Second Offense DUI

Everyone makes mistakes, but if you’re facing a second DUI offense in Florida, you need strong Daytona Beach criminal lawyers to help protect your rights.

Penalties for a Second DUI Offense in Florida

Florida laws can be quite harsh if you’ve been arrested for DUI a second time. If the arrest occurred within five years of your first conviction, you might face mandatory jail time and probation. In addition to larger fines, increased license suspension time, and car impoundment, second-offense DUI penalties in Florida include a possible jail sentence of:

  • Nine months for a standard DUI
  • One year if your BAC is 0.15% or higher
  • One year if you have a passenger under the age of 18 in the car
  • One year if there were bodily injuries or property damage
  • Five years if the DUI resulted in serious bodily injury

If you refuse to take the breathalyzer test, your license will be suspended for up to a year. If you’ve refused on two occasions (this one and your first one), you’ll have an 18-month license suspension.

Trusted Daytona Beach Criminal Lawyers Can Help with a DUI

A good DUI defense in Daytona Beach can help mitigate the penalties of a second-offense DUI. While you aren’t eligible for a hardship license, you may be able to challenge the license suspension through a formal review process. A lawyer can help you navigate this complicated process and build your case.

A criminal defense attorney can also help you mitigate the consequences of a second-offense DUI. If you’re facing jail time, a lawyer may be able to have your sentence suspended or the amount of time you serve dropped. A DUI is a serious offense that can affect your eligibility for employment, especially if you’ll be required to drive. Jail time can have lifelong effects, so hiring a lawyer can help you protect your future.

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