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When Is It Time to Hire a Daytona Beach DUI Lawyer?

If you’ve been recently arrested on a DUI charge in Florida, you probably aren’t thinking about hiring a criminal defense attorney in Daytona Beach right away. You’re probably upset, worried about whether you’ll lose your license, and concerned that you’ll have to pay a hefty fine or spend time in jail.

However, the best time to hire Daytona Beach criminal lawyers for your DUI charge is as soon as possible. You may be faced with a night or even a weekend in jail before being released, but a lawyer may be able to get you out faster. There are other reasons to hire an attorney right away, too.

How Can a Criminal Defense Attorney in Daytona Beach Help My DUI?

A DUI conviction can have a tremendous impact on your life. You may have to pay heavy fines, complete community service, or face time in jail. You may also have your license suspended for a year or even have an ignition detection device installed in your car, which you have to breathe into with a zero BAC in order to start the vehicle.

However, if you have a lawyer on your side, they may be able to get your charges reduced and have the court allow you to keep your license. They may help you petition for a hardship license to get to work or school. Criminal attorneys know the law, and they may find flaws in your arrest that can help get your charges reduced or dismissed.

Daytona Beach Criminal Lawyers Protect Your Rights

Hiring a lawyer is essential if you’re facing a second or third DUI charge. Jail time is a real possibility, but a lawyer may be able to get you probation or plead on your behalf to reduce your sentence. Lawyers also examine the circumstances surrounding your charge.

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